BTL, the technology company currently focused on developing blockchain “to disrupt and transform existing industries”, has announced the start of its trading on the TSX Venture Exchange November 6.

“Today represents an important milestone for BTL,” the press-release reads, calling it “a phenomenal achievement” to become one of the first blockchain companies to be listed on the TSX.

According to the same statement, the step is likely to allow the company to maximize its outreach, establishing the connection with other businesses all over the world.
BTL's major product is a remittance platform “Interbit” focused on creating “cash-in cash-out” settlement solutions for the UK and target countries. The platform helps users from Britain and Canada to send remittance to different regions, including Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

The BTL has been recently accepted to the Level39 startup accelerator in Canary Wharf, London, UK, which allows BTL “to be at the pulse of the international FinTech movement”.
Another Canary Wharf- based FinTech laboratory exploring blockchain was opened this year by UBS.