Today is Bitcoin Black Friday – the day when over 150 merchants around the globe are offering discounts on various goods and services sold for bitcoins.

Information about the offers can be found on It was only disclosed on 27 November, that is – on Black Friday itself. 

The companies listed on the website range from tea sellers to money exchange platforms. 

“Bitcoin Black Friday is a one day event that brings together Bitcoin merchants and Bitcoin users. Merchants simply list their Bitcoin-exclusive deals, and users can check out all the deals in one place. This year, we're focused on quality merchants that care about the Bitcoin community,” the website reads.

Tealet, an international tea-trading company, is offering 40 % discount on its production for bitcoin owners on this day. Private Internet Access, a company providing high-level security and privacy on the Internet, gives 62 % off on their VPN services on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (1 December). 247Exchange, a platform for digital currency exchange, reduces its exchange fees by 50 % on Black Friday for everybody except US citizens. Denarium, a company producing physical bitcoins, gives 10% discount on all products. The list of companies offering discounts also includes Cloud Mining Website (hash power), Mixed Tees (T-shirts and hoodies), Brave New Books (books), Mojito Man (jewellery and accessories for men), Amagi Metals (copper) and many other companies.

This year a significant number of products offered at have nothing to do with finance or digital money. Back in 2013 most of the discounted items were bitcoin-related, James Walpole, marketing associate at bitcoin payment processor BitPay, notes talking to CoinDesk. 
Bitcoin Black Friday was introduced by digital currency entrepreneur Jon Holmquist in 2012. The bitcoin price spike of 26 November this year may have been related to the event. As Coinfox mentioned earlier, in the previous years Black Friday used to cause a short growth in bitcoin price, which was, however, soon compensated with a drop.


Andrew Levich