Marius Skarupskas, Vice-Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, has been quoted by Forbes saying that the country has “serious intentions” to invest in cryptotechnologies, including bitcoin digital currency.

He also acknowledged that the country has an ambition to become a leader on both regional and global scales.

Praising cryptocurrencies and blockchain as “exciting technologies,” Skarupskas emphasised the fact that the Eastern European country  and its capital Vilnius are among the emerging centres for financial innovations. He also stressed the fact that Barclays and Western Union banks are already working with the country's R&D sector.

Back in 2015 Lithuania accepted a number of offers related to cryptotechnologies, including a taxi service Vilnius veža and Bitcoin-accepting Lukoil gas stations. Both things came true thanks to the London-based bitcoin-to-cash services start-up Spectro Coin. Even earlier on, Air Lituanica adopted bitcoin payments for flight tickets, and so did a number of restaurants, websites and two sports arenas.

In April 2016 the largest bitcoin conference in the Baltic states is scheduled to be held in Vilnius with the support of the city's Municipality and Mayor of Vilnius personally.

Maria Rudina