Bitcoin Classic version 0.11.2, the first release of the new fork, has gone public. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong writes in his twitter that the wallet switches to the version to “help Bitcoin scale.”

The release focuses on doubling the transaction capacity of bitcoin digital currency and includes a change of consensus rule that increases the block size limit from 1 to 2 Mb. It does not differ from beta 2 except for the number, and will not affect those who have already installed it.

“In case any confusion like last time, running Classic does not take you off the longest valid chain. Your Bitcoin remains interoperable/safe,” wrote Armstrong to clarify the topic to his followers.

In a few weeks the Classic team (Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik, Pedro Pinheiro, Tom Zander, Jon Rumion, Marshall Long, Olivier Janssens, Jonathan Toomim, Peter Rizun) are expected to present yet another version, this time based on Core 0.12.

To help bitcoin scale to a much higher transaction volume, the team will focus on such features as faster block validation and faster block propagation. As stated in the Release Announcement posted by Gavin Andresen, both have been long requested by miners and companies.

Earlier this year Gavin Andresen proposed a draft BIP aiming to execute hard fork upgrade if 75% of the community approves it by 2018.

World's second largest mining pool AntPool started testing Bitcoin Classic last week.

Maria Rudina