The leading developer Gavin Andresen has decided to discard the BIP101 protocol, which laid the foundation for Bitcoin XT, after the industry’s key players rejected any immediate hard forks.

“It is clear that BIP101 will not be adopted, so I'm withdrawing it,” wrote Andresen.

Two files in the GitHub repository, README.mediawiki and BIP-0101.mediawiki, were marked deleted.

Earlier a number of prominent bitcoin companies, including BTCC, BitFury, Bit-X and Genesis Mining, signed a letter urging the community “to act rationally and hold off on making any decision to run a contentious hard-fork (Classic/XT or any other).”

The draft called BIP101 intending for increase of blocksize was proposed by Gavin Andresen and his fellow developer Mike Hearn back in June 2015. The draft suggested for blocksize to be massively expanded by 8Mb every two years starting from 2016.

Maria Rudina