While the blocksize debate goes on with a large part of the community waiting for the soft fork Segregated Witness to be released, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair doubts if it is the optimal way to go.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, Pair said he believes that Segregated Witness “would completely change the structure of a Bitcoin transaction, and shouldn't be rushed.” He admitted that, once adopted, the code will become something “to live with for a long time.” Along with that, Pair warns that a more complex validation process is likely to make bitcoin more vulnerable.

“A cleaner implementation done as a hard fork might be preferable,” he said, though adding that hard forks pose a potential threat for non-upgraded nodes and need “plenty of time to upgrade.”

His words come after the so-called Bitcoin Roundtable consisting of a number of leading bitcoin companies published an open letter to inform the community they would rather support Segregated Witness than any hard fork.

Earlier, a bitcoin developer Eric Lombrozo made a statement advocating for multiple soft forks instead of a single hard one and claiming that one particular chain was going to simply outgrow all others to painlessly become the main one.

Maria Rudina