One more crypto mining service has announced that it starts providing cloud mining hashrate for ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. 

As their press-release states, HashFlare offers one-year ether cloud mining contract with zero maintenance fees and a free user’s account. The contract includes the possibility to monitor user’s hashrate in real time and choose between mining pools to find the best option for their hashing power.

The official website informs that Ethereum cloud mining will start on 21 March.

With this option launched, HashFlare will provide hashrate in total for three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Scrypt and Ethereum. For Bitcoin (SHA-256) and Scrypt lifetime contracts are offered.

HashFlare is a part of digital currency mining hardware company HashCoins, which produces ASIC processor mining hardware.

The central idea of cloud mining services is that they lend their mining powers to customers over the Internet, allowing them to mine cryptocurrencies without physically having mining rigs at home.

In December 2015, Genesis Mining, another cloud hashrate provider, also added ether to their range of cryptocurrencies, as did Bulgaria-based cloud miner MyCoinCloud.


Anna Lavinskaya