One of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets has announced it will take on board Dash tokens, the eighth cryptocurrency in the world in terms of market capitalisation.

Mycelium users will be able to buy, sell and keep dash using their digital wallet accounts. The cryptocurrency will be integrated in October, alongside with the wallet redesign.

“Mycelium is the bitcoin wallet veteran and one of the most widely used digital wallets. They are leaders in the space and as the industry evolves they have a vision of becoming a hub for crypto financial services,” Dash vice-president of Business Development Daniel Diaz said.

“Thousands of people are using Dash because we have a strong, stable alternative to bitcoin, perfectly suited to the mobile user,” he added.

Mycelium CEO Alexander Kuzmin remarked, in turn: “We benefit from giving our customers direct and easy access to one of the most popular cryptocurrencies after bitcoin while setting up the Mycelium wallet to be a true multicurrency wallet.”

Dash market capitalisation is estimated at $56 million. The daily volume of tokens trading is approximate $500,000. The number of transactions through the nodes reaches 4,000 per day.

Dash is a self-financed and self-regulated decentralised organisation comprising around 15,000 users.

Mycelium wallet, registered in Austria, claims 250,000 users. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency it currently supports. The application is available only for Android.

In May 2016, Mycelium finished crowdsale having sold 5% of the company and collected 2,145 bitcoins which amounted to around $1.9 at the moment. According to Kuzmin, the funds will be used to update the new application, which is expected to “impress” the users.

Elena Platonova