Blockchain tokens tied to national currencies will be integrated into Mycelium bitcoin wallet this summer.

A popular cryptocurrency wallet provider Mycelium has announced a strategic partnership with WAVES, a blockchain-powered tokens platform. An integration of fiat tokens makes the first move in the company’s transition from a single currency wallet to multi-asset management platform. 

Fiat tokens issued by WAVES will be tied to national currencies through market-making services provided by fiat gateways. The blockchain platform will also offer liquidity and exchange services and maintain AML/KYC policies to make these transfers compliant. 

The integration of WAVES tokens is planned for this summer while the launch of a new multifunctional Mycelium wallet will happen later in 2016. It is expected to support a number of major cryptocurrencies and blockchain services.

At the moment, Mycelium is running a bitcoin crowdsale for a 5% stake of the company. At the press time, the crowdsale has raised 1,473.340 BTC. The offer will continue until 18 May. According to the company data, current Mycelium market capitalisation amounts to 29,466.800 BTC.

In a recent crowdsale for WAVES, the Colored Coins platform raised 4,683 BTC in the first 24 hours.

Mycelium describes itself as a “full ecosystem of next generation payment technologies.” Its bitcoin wallet won the “Best Mobile App” award by in 2014. In May 2015, the company announced Mycelium Gear app, an open-source software that allows merchants to process their bitcoin transactions themselves, without giving up their personal information or paying any fees.

WAVES is a decentralised blockchain platform that focuses on customer blockchain tokens operations. The platform aims at providing crowdfunding, fundraising, financial instruments trading and fiat money transfers with the blockchain technology advantages.


Nadya Krasnushkina