The event will take place in Tallinn on 9 March 2017. Representatives of leading IT and financial companies are expected to attend.

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a series of regular events taking place in various cities across Eastern Europe — in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Estonia.

The guests of the Tallinn conference will discuss creation and implementation of blockchain-based solutions for government projects, banking systems, trading, media, healthcare and other spheres, reads the official website of the event.

This time, the conference is co-organised by the event management company Smile-Expo. The list of participants is yet to be published, but the organisers believe it will attract a number of major IT companies as well as government officials.

The previous Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference took place in Moscow on 10 November 2016. Representatives of IBM, Microsoft, Sberbank, the State Duma, as well as experts from the leading blockchain companies BitFury and CyberFund, were present at the event. Earlier, on 23 September 2016, the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference was held in Kiev.

So far, Estonian authorities have been quite sympathetic to the blockchain sphere, supporting related startups and projects. One of the officially supported projects aims at transferring medical records into blockchain to prevent fraud and provide for transparency and auditability.

In November 2015, the Estonian government partnered with Bitnation to offer public notary services based on the blockchain technology. Earlier in 2015, Estonian LHV bank concluded a partnership with the UK-based bitcoin exchange Coinfloor and the Colored Coins software company ChromaWay AB to create a blockchain-based platform and a wallet for P2P transactions.

Elena Platonova