The team gets new office space in the Irish capital to focus on blockchain solutions. The lab, among all, provides technical expertise for Deloitte branch in Russia.

The newly opened research space is located in the "Silicon Docks" district of Dublin. The current team of 25 people includes blockchain developers and designers. Together, they plan “to create ‘ready to integrate’ solutions for financial services clients,” announced Deloitte in an earlier press release.

"We are still at the early stages of the adoption of blockchain technology. But it is becoming increasingly clear that this technology is transforming the infrastructure underpinning financial services and other industries. It is bringing dramatic improvements in efficiency and customer experience," says Financial Partner at Deloitte Ireland David Dalton as quoted by Business Insider.

The lab will develop new products for the international market and “roll out blockchain-enabled solutions across different countries.” The company still has a number of vacancies open and by the end of the year, the lab team is expected to reach 50 members.

A week earlier, Deloitte announced the launch of another blockchain hub, this time in New York. The hub employs 20 blockchain specialists and also focuses on the production of distributed solutions for the financial market.

The blockchain team in Dublin has been active for some time now, even before getting their new facilities. It offers expertise on distributed ledger technology to other branches of the company, says Director of legal services at Deloitte CIS Artem Tolkachev:

“The lab is hardly new, it has been working for almost a year. We actively cooperate with the colleagues there, have regular call-ups, exchange use cases, sometimes use their technical expertise.”

In March 2016, the Deloitte Center for Financial Services predicted total transformation of banking within ten years. According to the report, blockchain is likely to revolutionise the payments ecosystem in compliance with the existing regulatory framework. In September, the company installed a bitcoin ATM at its main office in Toronto, making the bitcoin community discuss the advent of “mainstream blockchain.”

Roman Korizky

Image via Flickr