Prover, blockchain startup, which plans to enter the ICO in November, was one of the first to find the vulnerability of its smart contract with the help of the recent warning of the Golem platform.

According to the announcement, attackers can increase the number of tokens without participating in crowdsale. Prover first decided to protect its investors, because the same smart contract was planned for all stages of the project: both ICO and pre-ICO.

Old smart contract of Prover has a migration function. Therefore, the entire balance of tokens on July 31 started moving to a new, more flexible and secure smart contract.

"Most of all, we are concerned about the protection of investors' funds, we would not want to cause them inconvenience because of vulnerability in the contract, - says Nadezhda Nabilskaya, CEO of Prover. - This vulnerability can be found in many smart contracts, but we were among the first to take concrete measures. However, it is clear that not all investors can be satisfied with the transition to a new smart contract. Therefore, we are ready to increase the bonus of the very first buyers of our tokens from 25 to 32%. The old smart contract will temporarily stop accepting funds on July 31 "

Prover is a service for verifying video on blockchain technology. In order for the video to be verified, it will be necessary to get a swype code generated randomly on the basis of the blockchain. It will need to be entered before the shooting. After video recording, the hash of the clip will automatically be written in the blockchain. The authenticity of the video will be confirmed by the presence of a hash of the file in the blockchain and the swype code in the video content.