Startup Prover, completes the first day of pre-sale.

Right now, big investors who are ready to buy tokens worth more than $ 50,000 will receive a 50% bonus. The special offer is valid till 6:30 am on September 2, 2017. For the rest of the pre-sale time, the bonus will be 25%.

Prover plans to raise $ 500,000 on the pre-sale, and go on the crowdsdale in October this year. On the pre-sale, the tokens will be sold at a price of 125 PROOF = 1 $, on the crowdsdale in October: 100 PROOF = 1 $. Thus, the investor bonus on the pre-sail will be 25%. The emssion of tokens is limited.

Startup Prover, will confirm the authenticity of the video using blockchain technology. This will allow to quickly and easily check the videos for the presence of editing and validity, and in the future, perhaps, will also allow verifying the clients of banks, conclude a contracts e.t.c. At the moment, the start-up is accelerating at ICO Lab.