The US-based cryptocurrency exchange inactivates accounts without warning, and the exchange's technical support ignores tickets requesting an explanation.

This is what the customers of the exchange are discussing on the Bitcointalk forum. One user complains that he had 6 BTC ($30,000) left, but now he has not been able to withdraw them for several days. Another user writes that more than 3000 accounts of clients from Iran were frozen without explanation.

According to reports, the majority of frozen accounts belongs to residents of Syria, India, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Now the exchange site offers users whose accounts have been blocked to undergo verification. For verification, one needs to make a selfie photo with a piece of paper on which to write the word Bittrex and the current date, and with a valid ID in another hand.

Clients whose accounts are blocked can log into their accounts, check the balance, but they are not allowed to withdraw their funds.

It is rumored that the actions of the exchange are dictated by pressure from financial regulators and US authorities. In particular, there was unconfirmed information on Twitter that Bittrex was forced to apply for BitLicense to fiat trading, and now unverified customers will not be able to trade on the platform.

As of now, the latest information coming from customers demonstrated that the majority of frozen accounts belong to those owners who have not previously undergone verification. They were forbidden to withdraw funds from accounts and are required to undergo verification immediately. But they can not do this: for some reason, the system does not work properly.

Perhaps the problem is purely technical. But in this case, it looks quite alarming that the exchange announced neither mandatory verification nor the technical problems with verification.