The scandal around the fraudulent purse MyBTGWallet, which stole $3.3 million in cryptocurrencies from users, did not have time to abate, as Bitcoin Gold reported problems with another purse. It turns out that hackers replaced the Windows-purse installer on Github with malicious software.

The Bitcoin Gold project reported a hacker attack on its repository on the Github portal. According to the project team, the attackers replaced the Windows Wallet installer file “approximately 4.5 days” ago with “two suspicious files of unknown origin.”

The file was replaced in the period from November 21 09.39 to November 25 22.30 UTC.

“Anyone who downloaded the Windows Wallet file between November 21, 2017, 09:39 UTC, and November 25, 2017, 22:30 UTC, should not use the file in any way. If the file was used, the computer on which it was used should be addressed with extreme caution; the file should be deleted, the machine should be thoroughly checked for malware and viruses (or wiped clean), and any cryptocurrencies with wallets accessible on that machine should be moved to new wallet addresses immediately,” the statement reads.

It is already known that malicious software does not trigger antivirus or anti-malware programmes. But it is still unknown what these malicious files could cause, but the Bitcoin Gold team assumes that these files were created with malicious intent. Bitcoin Gold admits that this software after installation could steal users' information and illegally open and steal cryptocurrencies from users accounts.

Currently, the Bitcoin Gold repository on GitHub disposes with safe software.

Earlier, Bitcoin Gold faced a scandal erupted around the fraudulent wallet MyBTGWallet, which was recommended for use by the Bitcoin Gold team. According to various estimates, MyBTGWallet stole $2 to $3.3 million in cryptocurrencies. Users accused Bitcoin Gold team of an irresponsible recommendation of fraudulent service, but the project distanced itself from the scandal, saying that it was not responsible for third-party services.