Prover service, containing of a mobile app and a server part, is created to confirm the authenticity of events captured on video, through the authentication of video content and time stamps, based on blockchain technology.

To verify the authenticity of video file, it is necessary to record it with special application deployed by developers in GooglePlay, as well as available in the source codes on GitHub. During the filming, a special swype code is generated based on the last actual block in the Ethereum blockchain. Without stopping the video recording, the user must enter the generated swype code, moving the smartphone in space along the specified path, thus, the code becomes an integral part of the video content, which can not be physically replaced without editing. After recording, the cryptographic hash of file is also stored in the blockchain and can not be modified in any way afterwards.

For checking the video file is uploaded to the server, where the system calculates its hash, using which detects information about it in the blockchain, as well as the presence of the swype code in the video content. If the hash of the file and the corresponding swype code match, then the video is genuine, and the event captured on it is trustworthy!

According to the creators, this technology can find applications in all industries where it is critically important to know the truth and to be sure of the certainty of an event, to trust what you see on the screen. For example, in insurance and finthech, in the field of public order (videos fixing offenses and crimes), civil and commercial relations (hand shake agreements, promises, confirmations of work and services, recordings of official statements and appeals to notify bodies, etc.). ), medicine, copyright protection and many others.

The project participants already negotiate with insurance companies, financial services, state and municipal institutions in Russia, India and the UAE. And also crypto enthusiasts are encouraged to try, download, test that application for free in various life situations.

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