BitPay has announced it is partnering with Global Impact, a charitable organisation that helps various international campaigns to raise funds for the world’s poor.

Global Impact provides advisory, administrative, technology, and marketing services to support programmes fighting hunger, protecting the environment, improving access to education and healthcare among “the world's most vulnerable people”. The organisation’s partners include CARE, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, and UNICEF.

Bitcoin philanthropy is a thriving sector of the industry with platforms such as Bitcoins For Charity allowing to donate mining cycles to charities and Bitcoin100 offering charities the equivalent of $1,000 in bitcoin if they add a bitcoin option to their website. BitPay provides payment processing tools for internet donations and for selling tickets to events at no charge for eligible U.S. charities. The tools allow to accept small donations from any country.

“By accepting bitcoin, Global Impact empowers its supporters to donate using a payment method which can be sent in practically any amount, from any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world. Global Impact’s bitcoin donors can also be confident that every cent of their funds will be directed toward the organization and its charity partners – not to banking or credit card processing fees,” BitPay's blog post reads.