The Coinbase wallet service has officially expanded to the United Kingdom. Users in this country can now use the full suite of wallet services and trade pounds for bitcoins.

The company announced its success on the corporate blog:

“We’re pleased to announce the expansion of Coinbase services to the United Kingdom, including the ability to trade bitcoin on Coinbase Exchange and to buy/sell bitcoin with GBP using the Coinbase Wallet”

According to the press release, Coinbase clients in the UK can now credit their accounta with euros, dollars and pounds. They can also officially “trade BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR currency pairs on Coinbase Exchange” and “use [the] full suite of Coinbase Wallet services, including hosted bitcoin wallets, buy/sell service, and merchant tools”.

This is yet another stage in the European expansion of one of the biggest bitcoin wallet services in the world. In the autumn of 2014, the company began to offer services in Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, France, Italy, and Spain. Some months later, the company added Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Poland to the list.

The official partner of Coinbase in Europea is the Estonian bank LHV. In 2014, the bank hired specialists in blockchain technology and announced it will be researching the potential uses of the blockchain technology.

In the last month, several major bitcoin projects announced partnerships with Coinbase. On March 5th, Masked Cards made it possible for Coinbase clients to pay bitcoin for anything on the Internet with a new beta service, Bitcoin Anywhere. In March clients of the company became object of phishing attack.