CardCash, a company that controls a significant portion of American gift cards market, began accepting bitcoin.

The company announced the decision on Twitter:

CardCash is the company that “pays cash for unwanted gift cards and then sells those cards at a discount”. Currently, CardCash offers gift cards from 519 brands.

The most popular cards are from Apple, Fandango, Subway and WalMart.

The success of CardCash is based on a sequence of successful M&A deals.

“After a $6 million round of funding from Guggenheim partners in late 2013, CardCash was fortunate enough to form strategic a partnership with Incomm, the industry leader in the primary gift card market. CardCash also acquired Plastic Jungle, its largest competitor, and entered into agreements to power gift card exchange for Walmart, Amazon, CVS, and United Airlines.”

CardCash is not the first company from this sector to integrate bitcoin. As CoinFox wrote earlier, several start-ups tried to use gift cards to sell things for bitcoins. The creators of Fold mobile app were able to sell Starbucks coffee for bitcoins using gift cards.