Acronis will develop blockchain solutions for data protection on the base of Ethereum. The company says the new protocols will be used for any kind of data, including medical, legal, financial and other applications.

The strategic initiative to develop data protection apps has been made possible by a newly established partnership with Ethereum, reports Rusbase. According to Acronis,

“Today's digital world contains a huge number of assets whose originality and ownership are difficult and costly to define and track. Blockchain technology can solve this problem by providing global authenticity and security for data and transactions of any kind, reducing the cost and complexity of centralized systems while making data ‘tamper-proof’.”

The blockchain technology, the company states, can guarantee protection against insider attacks, along with regulatory transparency, independent verification and continuous monitoring. Besides, it is “easy, complete and safe.”

The company believes its data protection apps can be put to multiple uses such as property registers, court documents, police video or security camera footage, medical records, documents falling under intellectual property and data storages common for multiple entities or individuals who need to “securely store and exchange massive amounts of data and information.”

A demo version is already launched and can be tried for free. After registering, a user can upload a file to the storage base and record it in Ethereum blockchain. According to the company’s website, “it takes just a few seconds to fingerprint the file and store it in the blockchain.”

When the document is recorded, the user can receive a proof – a notarisation certificate. It specifies the name of the file, date and time of notarisation and a signee. Acronis emphasises: “You do not need to trust any person or entity to verify this information using the known transparent algorithm.”

Alexey Tereshchenko