September 11 2017, Luxembourg. The company eGaaS S.A. — developer and supplier of solutions for eGovernment, is announcing the expansion of the scope of application of its platform, and its entry in the market of universal public platforms, under the brand Apla.

The advancement of Apla will soon become one of the key elements of the company's product strategy. However, the Apla project is a non-commercial product of the eGaaS company. Its goal is only to demonstrate some of the technical possibilities of utilizing the private blockchain platform eGaaS, which was created to be used by commercial organizations and public institutions.

Due to the unprecedented speed of diffusion of the technology of decentralized ledgers, and the demand from entire economic sectors for various specialized solutions based on blockchain technology, developers are required to create both a public and multifunctional technological platform, on which it is possible to create blockchain applications both quickly and efficiently, improving the lives of millions.

In consideration of the current market needs, the eGaaS team launched the Apla project. The functionality of Apla is significantly wider than its competitors’, while the user-friendliness and simplicity of the development process allows the community to create specialized solutions based on blockchain technology more efficiently.

It should be noted that the announcement and delivery of Apla was preceded by several years of hard work with the eGaaS platform: the development of a proprietary protocol, creation of a language for smart contracts, a multi-level system of access control to different elements of apps, the design of a language for the creation of secure interfaces, as well as the introduction of “smart laws”, governing the work of all systems and mechanisms inside of the blockchain platform.

“We had many talks with representatives of governmental structures of different countries, and we developed and successfully demonstrated several proof-of-concept prototypes: company registration, land registry, a system for the creation and management of documents” – says eGaaS system architect Alexander Boldachev in regards to the news. “However, modern governments are focused on the development of solutions based on private blockchain networks, which somewhat slows down the development and popularization of our project. To this end we made the decision to integrate a new direction in our business, and release the public platform Apla on the market, keeping the name eGaaS to indicate the private blockchain platform meant for projects in the eGovernment sphere.”

Today, Apla is a public platform for the creation of blockchain ecosystems. The structure and function of Apla is significantly different from most existing solutions on the market. Firstly, the programming and use of blockchain apps is performed in autonomous program environments with a fixed quantity of members, called ecosystems. Secondly, the activity in these ecosystems is based on the creation of registers and the support of their functionality through smart contracts, not on the exchange of transactions/messages between accounts. Lastly, access control to the registers and the regulation of relations between members of an ecosystem is done via a legal system based on smart laws.

In the near future, Apla will boast a range of additional features: parallel transaction processing, incomplete nodes, visual contract and interface constructors, a semantic thesaurus for the description of document layouts.

It is expected that the openness will provide an even more dynamic development to the Apla platform and will allow for the creation of a global community of developers, users, investors, clients and vendors in the course of the next few months. This will be facilitated by the low barrier of entry to the contract and layout engine languages, the minimization of development time for the creation of ready to use applications, as well as the presence of a legal system of governance of ecosystems.

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