The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami will begin in two weeks. A group of Reddit users has launched a campaign against one of its sponsors, Josh Garza

In the last two days, Bitcoin communities on reddit received several posts directed against Josh Garza, the founder of GAW Miners and Paybase. In the last 24 hours, there were at least 10 posts attacking Garza and advising bitcoin users to boycott him and his enterprises.

Josh Garza is the owner of GAW Miners, a company specializing in cloud-based mining. Garza is also the creator of Paycoin, a new cryptocurrency. In 2013, Garza received a certain amount of publicity when he bought the domain and decided to develop it. At the moment, this page redirects users to the Paybase project, which sponsors the conference in Miami.

Several long-standing users have posted claims that Garza has commited offences against other people in the bitcoin community and was nothing more than a con man. Moreover, Reddit users have started a campaign against the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, where Josh Garza is scheduled to speak. Garza’s opponents suggested that reddit users should petition the Bitcoin Conference in Miami and ask the organizers to remove Josh Garza from the list of speakers.

‘I disliked him purely for GAW and his false/undelivered promises, blatant manipulation, and censorship’, wrote the user ItipBitcoins on January 2.

The wave of attacks has led Jozh Garza to respond. Although the GAW Miners owner did not acknowledge the campaign publicly on his Twitter account, he has lodged a complaint with the administrator of the Reddit forum. The latter has removed some of the posts under the threat of legal retaliation.

‘Josh Garza and his lawyers keep sending me legal threats to try to get me to remove things from /r/Bitcoin and, which is extremely suspicious and annoying’, wrote the administrator, who is known as the user Theymos.

The removal of old posts did not stop Reddit users from posting new submissions about Garza. The scandal on Reddit is flaring up just two weeks before the start of the North American Conference, where Josh Garza will speak on mining and bitcoins and where his project Paybase acts as a sponsor. is following the story