Cody Wilson, a candidate for the Bitcoin Foundation Board Election in 2015, has launched a campaign to dismantle the Foundation if elected. Wilson claims the Foundation should be “destroyed” for collaborating with authorities instead of promoting the revolutionary concepts of technological libertarianism.


Cody Wilson is a co-founder of DarkWallet, a bitcoin wallet that anonymizes financial transactions. He was featured in the news last year for publishing an open source firearms design for 3D printers. Wilson has nominated himself for the Board elections that will take place in February 2015. Other nominees include Colin Gallagher, a former member of the Education Committee of the Bitcoin Foundation; Jim Harper, the former Bitcoin Foundation Global Policy Counsel who left the organisation in December after its decision to focus on core development; and Bruce Fenton, the founder of the Bitcoin Association.

In a manifesto published on the campaign blog, Cody Wilson harshly criticizes the Bitcoin Foundation for becoming a “legitimacy machine” that uses the stateless cryptocurrency to promote state power and its “de jure universality”.

In November, Wilson promised to “wrestle the Foundation to its suicide”, following this up last week with an invitation to participate in “the ritual destruction” of the organization. “I say attack the Foundation because it is the think tank of the bitcoin counter-revolution. Its record … is and will continue to be the (re)production of the state-form in bitcoin thought,” he writes in his post.

As part of his programme to disband the Bitcoin Foundation, Wilson promiseы to expose the Foundation’s private documents and agreements in order to “study and deride” them.