29 April 2016 13:02

The founder of the very first decentralised transborder state, polar explorer Sergey Solovyev discusses the changes that distributed technologies are bringing to the world we live in.

13 April 2016 12:15

J. Christopher Giancarlo believes that blockchain could bring transparency to the banking sphere if not strangled by regulators.

12 April 2016 18:54

In Russia and Eastern Europe bitcoin is the working transactional currency. So said Marco Santori, Global Policy Counsel of Blockchain during the Cryptocurrency Conference at Cato Institute, Washington.

17 March 2016 12:59

Co-Founder of the investment platform cyber•Fund shares with CoinFox where it is cheaper to register bitcoin startups, how his kitchen became a mining farm and why he does not care what Russian authorities have to say about bitcoin.