Founder of Bitstamp exchange Nejc Kodrič informed clients of the company, that their balances held before 5th of January are safe. Meanwhile Reddit users are posting messages about movement of stolen bitcoins.

 Nejc Kodrič is now coordinating process of transfer of BitStamp servers to San-Francisco. Company management hopes to re-launch the exchange in 12 hours from the present moment.

Today Kodrič wrote, that BitStamp managed to save balances of clients. “I want to personally reassure clients that their balances held with us prior to Jan. 5th at 9am UTC are safe, and will be honored in full”,  noted CEO of Bitstamp in his Twitter.

BitStamp bitcoin exchange was operating on the world bitcoin market for more than a year. In the end of 2014 it entered “top 5” of bitcoin exchanges in the world. In the night from 4th to 5th of January several user reported the stop of withdrawals. Several hours later BitStamp officially announced the stop of all operations. Later in the day managers of the exchange informed the clients, that it became a victim of the hacker attack.

Kodrič and his team are working hard to restart the exchange. Meanwhile Reddit users who know some addresses of the stolen bitcoins started to trace them in the public ledger.

 In the last five hours at least five users noted that “BitStamp bitcoins are moving”, - wrote Bitcoin user under alias “5btcCents”. Experts in Reddit suggest, that hackers might sell stolen bitcoin in small portions through one of the Chinese (Hong Kong) exchanges.