Bitcoin Game app now available in iTunes allows to learn how to trade bitcoin without risk.

The new iOS game developed by Alexander Heemann can be installed on Apple mobile devices that run iOS6 or higher. It is also optimised for iPhone 5. The game simulates buying and selling bitcoins in real time with market prices updated every few seconds. The trading is in USD. There are different levels of difficulties depending on the starting capital sum. The players can also see all their transactions and the bitcoin price is visualised. Multiple games can be saved.

The app is free to download and is placed in the Finance category on iTunes. It is currently rated 4+. The game has been around on iTunes since 2013. In May 2015, it was updated to a new version 1.0.1.

Apple has been suspicious of bitcoin game apps so far. SaruTobi app that makes players collect coins on the screen using a flying monkey was suspended by Apple Store in March of 2015 citing confusion between in-game bitcoin tokens and bitcoins that have real value.

Apple allowed digital currency apps on iTunes a year ago on condition of compliance with the country of operation laws. Previously, Apple removed all apps for virtual currency trading including bitcoin wallets.

In April, BitPay, a leading bitcoin payments provider announced a new software development kit for iOS. It will allow developers to create new apps for the Apple Store built on top of the BitPay processing system.

CoinFox reported that PlayMC, a Minecraft server introduced an option to earn bitcoins while playing a game. The feature of rewarding players with bitcoin is not unique. Another Minecraft server with bitcoin economy, Bitquest allows players to buy and sell items using bitcoin micropayments.


Aliona Chapel