How to build a bitcoin business? That is what the CoinFox team shared with the visitors of the Moscow technology show on its last day.

The team went into details on how blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies work, answered questions and elaborated on the unique features of the upcoming product.

According to CoinFox developers, the main challenge for the bitcoin digital currency is the slow pace of its widespread adoption. One of the principal obstacles to its popularity is the “unfriendliness” of bitcoin apps' interfaces to a general user, as well as security risks commonly associated with using digital currency.

CoinFox is ready to meet these challenges, offering the CoinFox Wallet, which is user-friendly and ultimately protected both from external tamper and internal fraud. Thus, the company's clients all go through AML procedure and get reliable customer support. In case of emergency they can restore access to their account using a photo and a secret word.

The project is expected to be launched this month.

Maria Rudina