E-coin, a team of bitcoin enthusiasts, provides clients with a simple conversion of bitcoin into fiat currency enabling users to top up their bitcoin deposit card through E-coin multi-sig wallet and use the E-Card at any POS terminal accepting Visa.

The company has added a multi-signature technology to its platform providing a new level of security and safety of users’ funds.

The official site reads: “Our card is accepted by over 30 million merchants and can be used at over 25 million ATMs worldwide; so, it allows you to spend your Bitcoins virtually anywhere and hassle free.”

E-Card provides an instant conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat money currently supporting USD, EUR and GPB (other currencies will be added in the near future).

The developers offer two card versions (a plastic debit card or a virtual one) and promise a fully transparent fee system. E-Card can already be shipped to 173 countries and the geographical framework will be extended. E-coin also enables clients to upgrade their user accounts for unlimited usage of the bitcoin debit card. To extend top up limit to $20,000 and withdrawal limit to $3,000 per day users need to provide ID information and a proof of address.

E-coin also introduced an affiliate program with a bonus rebate of 10% based on gross fees from user’s referrals in the first year and a 5% bonus per year after that. For users signed up via a personal link the company offers the debit card with a 25% discount.

CoinFox recently reported that Bit-x, a London-based digital currency exchange, has introduced Bitcoin Debit Card. In July 2015, CCEDK, a Denmark-based online bitcoin exchange, has also introduced its own Bitcoin Nanocard in cooperation with Bit-x platform.


Daria Petushkova