A long-time cryptoenthusiast and a programmer from Luxemburg claims to have survived mostly on bitcoins for the first half of the year.

According to a blog post, Felix, a 27-year-old programmer from Luxembourg, is travelling around the world since 1 January, 2015. 

“My challenge basically boils down to 3 simple rules:
a)    Use Bitcoin whenever possible to pay for food, accommodation and travel.
b)    Never use a debit/credit card or ATM.
c)    Limited usage of cash in form of local currency is allowed, but can only be obtained by trading Bitcoin with local people.”

Felix started his journey in Berlin and made his first stop in Prague, where he was able to get lodging, food and shopping for bitcoins. He also visited SatoshiLabs and several bitcoin event. 

After this date something went wrong –and Felix did not post anything until 22 May, when he managed to buy paragliding tour in Turkey with bitcoins. It is not clear where he is now and in which country he travels using his bitcoins.

The programmer from Luxembourg is not the first one who tries to survive on bitcoins for some time. Earlier this year, CoinFox wrote about another cryptoenthusiast, Jack Nickogosian from Coinify, who tried to survive for a month in Denmark using only bitcoins.

During the challenge, Jack lost some kilos, but managed to reach his aim with the help of his friends. Jack had to buy food from a small number of available shops, avoid public transport and explain Bitcoin to many people who did not know about it.

“I can definitely survive on Bitcoin, but it was different from my normal lifestyle, due to the things I had to omit this month,” said the man after he had completed the challenge.
Roman Korizky