19 September 2017 14:24

A year ago Kibo team introduced the concept of first gaming platform build on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contacts.

15 September 2017 12:25

CoinFox continues to overview interesting blockchain-based products. Today it’s the time for the Snovio – the first decentralized platform for collecting potential clients contact data (so called ‘leads’.)

02 August 2017 11:16

Let’s say, you decided to create a blockchain-enabled project. You might want to store data on products, manufacturers, vehicles. Then it makes sense to debug every node at each stage — several times. But we have a problem: adding records to a blockchain comes at a price, and the price might be pretty high.

19 April 2017 14:43

The founder of Ethereum held an open lecture in the Moscow Digital October centre sharing his thoughts on the system’s advance, lessons learnt from TheDAO attack and SegWit vs BU dilemma.