The Chamber of Digital Commerce, trade association headquartered in Washington D.C., will hold a blockchain summit on 3 March at Georgetown University.

Perianne Boring, the founder and president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, wants the event to become a "thoughtful discussion" on the challenges presented to policymakers by blockchain technology in the sphere of compliance and regulation.

Having established Blockchain Alliance jointly with Coin Center, the Chamber of Digital Commerce  is working hard on bringing together the representatives of the industry and the government.

The governmental side will be presented by the members of the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI and the Congress, with more organizations also expected to join.

The industry will be represented by the industry experts, including Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin, Bloq's cofounder Jeff Garzik, the Blockchain Alliance director Jason Weinstein and others. According to Bitcoin Magazine, Weinstein believes that the success of bitcoin digital currency and blockchain are quite dependent on the education of law enforcement agencies and regulators, and that is what the events of this kind are aimed at.

The topics on the agenda will include banking and financial services, smart contracts, consumer protection and further cooperation between state and the industry.

Maria Rudina