Mark Karpeles is now free, according to Nippon News Network channel. The former head of the bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has been released on bail.

As reported by the Japanese news source, to be released, Karpeles paid ¥10 mln (around $95,000) but he is still not allowed to leave the country. The news has caused a vigorous discussion on the Reddit forum. CoinFox collected the most emotional user reactions to the event.

  • This guy is safer in jail (slacknation)
  • Time for him to dig out his hidden gox stash, I'm sure he will be happy with the recent price spike (squarepush3)
  • He can get a job promoting a Japanese diet for weight-loss. He has a good track-record for making stuff disappear... (mrs_fatal)
  • I'm sure this guy is dumb enough to not have 2000btc++ hidden somewhere... (Mangizz)
  • He moves like a man that truly believes he could be shot and killed at any moment. (sonycode)
  • He's lost dollars, bitcoins, yen and now pounds (mpkomarra)
  • But that perpetual smirk, still there. (Storybit)
  • OMG.. someone get this guy a Frappuccino! Tibanne, get the man a cookie platter! Quick Roger, bring him a bottle of whole milk and heavy cream! We're losing him!!!! (openvpn_squid)


According to Yoshiuri Shimbun,  Karpeles stole about $2.6 million from the exchange account. From this amount, he spent $42,000 to buy a huge luxury bed. Karpeles allegedly used the rest of the sum to acquire intellectual property rights for a graphic software developed by Japanese programmers. Karpeles’ lawyers deny all the accusations.

After Mt.Gox collapse in February 2014, when the exchange reported a loss of 650,000 bitcoins, many users began to study transaction records in the public register, trying to understand what happened with the largest trading platform in the bitcoin world. According to independent researchers, the greater part of bitcoins was apparently stolen from Mt. Gox and sold in 2011-2012, when their price was still low.

30-year-old Karpeles was arrested by Japanese authorities last August, and in September he was formally charged. According to investigators, he created fake bitcoins worth about $ 1 million, as well as stole clients’ funds.

Ludmila Brus