Gulnar Hasnain, a Green party candidate for the House of Commons in the London constituency of Vauxhall,  managed to raise 650 pounds for her campaign with bitcoin donations. Satoshi’s supporters come not only from the UK, but from the other side of the ocean as well.

Gulnar Hasnain, a prominent activist of the Greens, raised the considerable sum in just a few hours. The Green party noted the success of bitcoin fundraising on its Twitter feed.

“Wow! Our #Vauxhall candidate @gulnar73 has already raised over £650 in bitcoin donations. 1st candidate of a mainstream party to accept them”,

noted a local activist of the party.

Gulnar Hasnain is an activist and spokesperson with the Green party in the constituency of Vauxhall in central London. Previously, she campaigned for the air quality in Vauxhall (several important roads pass through this district) and worked in local schools.

Some support for the Greens comes from lands that are far away from the Thames.

“I'm in the US, so not under your jurisdiction, but I want to help you make history! Here's $2.00 via @ChangeTip. :)”, wrote the user On_the_Blockchain.

The British politician thanked donors on her blog. “Fantastic support from the Bitcoin community across the world. Thank you”, says Hasnain in a special post.
The question of whether the ecologist-turned-bitcoin activist will be able to win the election remains open. Lambeth has been a citadel of the Labour party for many years. In the past, the Greens did not see any significant successes here.

During the elections of 2010, the winner Kate Hoey received 49% of all votes here, while the Green party candidate Joseph Healy gained the approval of 1,6% of the voters. Taking this into account, the prospects of the Bitcoin parliamentary candidate in this central district of London are blurry at best.