21 November 2016 09:06

The Russian Steem sidechain has received 240 BTC or over 11 mln rubles in an ongoing ICO, which so far is the most successful crowdsale debut in Russia.

18 October 2016 15:30

The first users who have been already working on Steemit, are testing the new Russian-language blockchain social media and compare its team with cosmonauts.

03 October 2016 11:04

According to the licence agreement between Steemit Inc. and cyber•Fund, all active steemians, which is 8,374 at the moment, will receive tokens of the new social network Golos.

01 September 2016 18:02

Many companies rush to invest in blockchain without a clear understanding of its purpose. The head of the investment fund Life.SREDA Igor Pesin speaks about main problems of Russian startups and the company’s investment plans.