Bitcoin Suisse AG installed a two-way bitcoin ATM at a billiard club in Bern. This is the first bitcoin ATM in the capital of Switzerland.

The BitXatm machine is installed at the Billard Center Bern City and will be open during the centre's working hours. The ATM supports two-way fiat and cryptocurrency operations and charges a 5% fee. The limit per day for an unregistered user is 2,000 Swiss francs. The machine can also print a bitcoin paper wallet to be imported into a Mycellium bitcoin wallet. Other Bitcoin Suisse AG's ATMs allow users to import to any chosen bitcoin mobile wallet. 


Bitcoin Suisse AG installed the first bitcoin ATM in Basel earlier this year. However, at the moment neither the company's website nor the CoinATM Radar website lists that ATM. Switzerland now has 10 machines in different cities, four of them in Zurich, Baar, St. Gallen and Bern operated by Bitcoin Suisse AG. 

The Zug-based company offers brokerage, consulting, educational and financial services and seeks to provide clients with FinTech solutions based on the blockchain technology. Bitcoin Suisse AG also issues physical bitcoin certificates. The start-up is a member of the Swiss Digital Finance Compliance association and complies with the Swiss legal regulations. 

CoinFox reported recently that the first bitcoin bank in the world is allegedly applying for a license in Switzerland. According to unnamed investors, the new bank will specialise in bitcoin credit.


Aliona Chapel