Ukrainian online store ALLO.UA has partnered with the country's leading bank PrivatBank to let its customers pay in bitcoin.

ALLO.UA, known as Ukraine's first company to introduce WebMoney paying service, provides an opportunity to pay for goods with bitcoin digital currency by simply scanning a QR-code. The prices are automatically converted into bitcoin according to its current rate.

Starting from 20 December PrivatBank will provide the same option for all its commercial users. The bank is pioneering in what will soon become the main trend for both Ukrainian and European markets, its executives claim.

The service provided by PrivatBank does not affect the way online stores accept payments, since bitcoins are converted into the national currency before reaching the seller.

Ukraine is considered by many to be an Eastern European bitcoin leader. According to the information provided at #BIP001 conference, the country has the largest bitcoin community in the region. Ukrainian Central Bank is not ruling out the possibility of integrating bitcoin digital currency into the country’s financial system.


Maria Rudina