Five technical universities of Kharkiv, Ukraine, have partnered Distributed Lab to add blockchain courses to their curriculum. About 600 students are expected to get enrolled.

Distributed Lab has over a year of experience of teaching blockchain. A number of blockchain courses and hackathons were organised under its auspices over the past year. Now it plans to bring in more academic vision, with regular classes, practical workshops and scientific research included into the studying process.

The courses will include not only blockchain technology as it is but also cryptography, law and economy. It is remarkable that the universities taking part in the program all specialise in cybersecurity.

Universities from all over the world started a number of educational and research programs on blockchain this year. Boston University launched a research group to study the effects distributed ledgers might have in conflict zones. Imperial College London opened the Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering. Pompeu Fabra University and Barcelona Bitcoin Community started a series of academic discussions on cryptocurrency. Blockchain seminars have been held by Russian HSE Lab.

Maria Rudina