CoinFox CEO Yuri Emshanov will present CoinFox Wallet during the first cryptocurrency convention in Russia backed by local authorities.

panel discussion named «Cryptocurrency, financial and technological innovations: prospects for development in Russia» will take place 9 October as a part of the International Innovation Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The event is sponsored by Cryptocurrency Foundation Russia and CoinFox.

Panel members will discuss cryptocurrency technology and its applications, smart contracts as a mean of state services improvement, the Internet of Things and its potential for business processes optimization, the “Smart House” and “Smart City” concepts and their realization. Digital currency experts will oppose stigmatization of the subject and try to conceive regulatory solutions that will not override the innovations.

CoinFox CEO Yuri Emshanov will present CoinFox Wallet, a unique product that makes bitcoin accessible to everyone while providing a bank level integrity and security. He will talk on challenges of the bitcoin digital currency and the company’s experience in adaptation of bank technologies for cryptocurrency industry.

Other panellists include the president of Cryptocurrency Foundation Russia Igor Chepkasov, who will portray the organization’s efforts to promote cryptocurrencies in Russia, and managing partner of the law firm “Tolkachev and partners” Artiom Tolkachev speaking on digital currency regulation and legal practice.

International Innovation Forum organized by the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg will take place 7-9 October at the conference centre EXPOFORUM. It will gather businessmen and experts from over 30 countries.


Nadya Krasnushkina